Welcome to the new HaziDpack web site for Hazards Identification.

Our hazards identification program will substantially reduce the effects of perception bias in Hazards Identification and can be used in any Windows based platform.  It features a fully adaptable data base that can be modified to include site specific hazards (with exposure avoidance controls) for every work area across your licensed workplace(s).

The HaziDpack hazards identification system, being simple to use, will enable your workers to create a user friendly document in just 15/20 minutes with all of the hazards and work area details presented in a format that is both logical and easy to read.  These points were duly recognised by Worksafe WA in September 1999 with the issue of their Safety Award to our JSA Pack programThe JSA Pack was the forerunner to what we now know as The HaziDpack program.

Features of the HaziDpack hazards identification program


Hazards Identification and Risk Assessment within the following industries

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Standardising your procedures for hazards identification

The use of this program will provide an effective procedure for standardisation of:

  1. Hazards identification and;
  2. The use of appropriate exposure avoidance controls.

The HaziDpack hazards identification program provides an effective methodology for both the standardisation of hazards identification and provision of the required exposure avoidance controls. This procedure will greatly assist in the elimination of “Errors of Omission” and “Perception Bias” which so badly affect the hand written JSA

Industry based, generic Work Area modules are available and can be requested with this license.